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Welcome to my Instructional Technology Blog! This particular blog was initialized as a requirement of my EDUC2201 course. I'm very new to the concept of blogging, so I am looking forward to all that I will learn throughout this semester. I'm currently an Elementary Education major; however, I would ultimately like to teach education courses on a collegiate level. Whether I end up in an elementary or college class, I will need to have a good grasp on the technology available to me as an educator. I hope to gain that necessary knowledge from this course so that I will be more readily able to offer my students helpful technological tools to enhance their learning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Power Standard

I am doing a 5th grade math Tech Step for my 3 day lesson in which students examine data in an excel worksheet about how much electricity a student uses. They will then create their own excel spreadsheet and identify ways in which to reduce the amount of electricity they are using.

The power standard that best fits my lesson is Power Standard 1 for Fifth Grade Mathematics: Students will organize data into tables, charts, and graphs and use this data to make predictions or to draw conclusions, and determine the best statistical measure of the data using mean, median, and mode.

Thinkfinity Project This website is not necessarily part of Thinkfinity, but is a partner of Thinkfinity that provides lessons through the Thinkfinity webpage. The activity tells about renewable and nonrenewable resources. This would make my Tech Step more authentic by tying it to real life and getting the students to realize how they can conserve energy in their own homes. Maybe after doing the tech step through the first time, we could go back and alter our data after we learn about types of resources and create a "goal" spreadsheet which displays how much energy the students would like to use to help cut down on costs.

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  1. I like your ideas to build on the Tech Step and your focus on increasing the authenticity of your learning environment!