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Welcome to my Instructional Technology Blog! This particular blog was initialized as a requirement of my EDUC2201 course. I'm very new to the concept of blogging, so I am looking forward to all that I will learn throughout this semester. I'm currently an Elementary Education major; however, I would ultimately like to teach education courses on a collegiate level. Whether I end up in an elementary or college class, I will need to have a good grasp on the technology available to me as an educator. I hope to gain that necessary knowledge from this course so that I will be more readily able to offer my students helpful technological tools to enhance their learning.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Multiple Intelligences

My preferred learning style was:1-music, 2-intrapersonal, 3-kinesthetic.

After researching a bit, I discovered that when teaching to music intelligences, it does not simply mean to only have them sing a song (although that is a good strategy for many types of learners). Those who have a preferred musical intelligence are very good at rhymes, rhythm, beats, patterns, pitches, etc. Because of this, a teacher should try to keep the lessons tied around some of these strengths to ensure they are meeting the musical intelligence needs. One activity that might be used is reading poetry out loud to a partner or the class. Because poetry is full of rhythm and rhyming, it is a great activity to touch on these attributes. Also, examining music itself could help these types of students keep focus and engagement. In social studies lessons, the different cultural music could be examined and students could sing or listen to songs from different places or time periods. This also lends itself to math lessons tying into fractions. Also, students could create a "music autobiography" in which they create a song of clips from songs that tell about their life.

These are just some activities that could be useful when teaching to the music intelligence. The important thing to remember is that a teacher should try to reach as many multiple intelligences as possible in each lesson.

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